40mm AWI British Infantry Part 3

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Well it’s been a bit of a break filled with holidays, work and kids. But I really got back into this lovely Front Rank 40mm AWI British infantry figure the last few days.

So where are we now?

40mm AWI British Infantry Part Three Pictures

So I really got on a roll with this one. Breeches, waistcoat, belts, footwear, tricorne, facings and collar all done.

Painting 40mm British Infantry - Front ViewPainting 40mm Front Rank AWI British Wargames Figures - Part 3 Rear ViewWargames Figure Painting Project - 40mm AWI british Infantry Part 3 - Left Side View

40mm AWI British Infantry Wargames Figures - Painting Project Part 3 Warpaint Figures - Right Side ViewClose up view of painted 40mm AWI British Guards Infantry - Painting Project Part 3








Of course it’s at this stage that I hate my camera. It shows up areas in detail of where I need to tidy up. But to be fair that’s also a good thing as I might never have seen them by eye. Time I think for the stronger magnifying lenses in my Optivisor clone.

The main areas which I suspected are the under cuts where you have the straps and turnbacks against the redcoat of the figure.

Colours For Part 3 40mm AWI British Infantry Project

Breeches, Waistcoat and straps:

  • Base coat of Wargames Foundry Base Sand Light 10C
  • Shade of WF Base Sand Light + Vallejo Brown Sand 876. Watered down
  • 1st Highlight – Redo the base of WF Base Sand Light with dilute paint. This may take several coats but creates a nice subtle effect
  • 2nd Highlight Valllejo Sand Light 837 dilute
  • 3rd Highlight Vallejo Sand Light + progressively more WF White

Then finally I used pure WF white. Just on the extreme highlights for the clothing and much more on the ammunition case shoulder straps.

Blue Facings, Cuffs & Collar:

  • Base – Games Workshop Midnight Blue (Old pot I still have going)
  • 1st Highlight – GW Midnight Blue & GW Ultramarines Blue 50:50
  • 2nd Highlight – GW Ultramarines Blue
  • 3rd Highlight – Old Rackham Wizrd Blue
  • 4th Highlight – Rackham Wizard Blue + dab of white

I used the same in the centre of the collar but obviously painted the white collar on first as this is easier. The lace on the facings and cuffs was done with WF German Late Field Grey Light 78C to kill the blue which would have shown through the red and then white. I used the same on the tricone edgings.

Black Tricorne and Shoes/Boots

Now this was an interesting one. I could have just painted a black base over the white under coat and gone from there highlighting. But I wanted to try something different for this 40mm AWI British Infantry figure.

Black is a very tricky colour to highlight. It is supremely difficult to get those highlight we see in real life on hard polished objects. The highlights are not white. In fact it is really difficult to explain what you see as the highlight on a polished black surface. You could almost do it I suppose as a Sky-Earth Non Metallic Metal Effect almost.

So what I did was as follows:

Base – Very dilute WF German Late Field Grey Light 78C.

You have to be careful when loading the brush as you can easily get too much on. It’s easier to just dab the tip and side of the brush on a piece of kitchen towel to take off the excess. It goes on almost like a wash. So a couple of coats does the job nicely. Darker in the recesses but leaves almost white on the highlights. I used this technique on all the following coats but also very gently wiped most of the highlights off with a towel so that they were much lighter overall. I will try and get some step by step pictures or a video up soon.

  • 1st Shade/Highlight – WF Charcoal Black 34B
  • 2nd Shade/Highlight – WF Black Shade 34A

I was really please with the subtle results.

I would love to hear any comments you have or if you like it come and like my Facbook page or visit my Pinterest boards. Always a pleasure to chat to fellow painters.

See soon for Part 4 of the 40mm AWI British Infantry Project.

Next time its knapsacks, water bottle and muskets

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