40mm AWI British Rescue – Or Can We Fix It

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Painting disaster on a 40mm AWI British MiniatureYou my have seen from the last post in this series that I messed up the left side of this 40mm British AWI figure…just a bit. Well after slapping myself around and turning the air blue I got down to setting things aright.

Doing right ain’t got no end
(Josey Whales)

Well I put out the word on some forums including Platoon Britannica (Great forum guys) for how to fix it with least damage to the blending and work I had already done on this Front Rank figure. But, being impatient I set off on my own anyway. I think it was a combination of frustration and anger over what a wally I had been.

How To Get The Paint Off

Starting slowly I gradually picked away at the really thick coating of black paint as best I could. I went from the left foot all the way up the leg, onto the bayonet scabbard and a big blob on that lovely red coat I was so proud of. I had hoped it would peel off nicely. No such bloomin’ luck. but I think i got away with it fairly lightly. Not too much exposed metal.  What you think?

Obviously had I waited then a great tip came in from Squiggy at PB:

“A toothpick with a slightly chewed end would probably provide a gentler abrasion, and might allow you to remove most of the black blob if you’re careful”

I would certainly try that instead if god forbid it ever happened again. Although I suspect the paint may have blobbed on too thick. A chewed cocktail stick would probably do just as well.

The 40mm AWI Figure After Paint Removal

So here is what it looked like after removing the black paint and applying a bit of white under coat by hand.

How to rescue a ruined 40mm Front Rank AWI British FigureRescuing a damaged 40mm AWI miniature








I was quite hopeful after doing this stage

Re-Painting A 40mm AWI British Infantryman

Re-painting breeches on an AWI 40mm Froint Rank British Infantryman40mm AWI british Front Rank Miniature re-paintedThis bit was hairy scary but was made easier by one important thing I did. I wrote down exactly the paint mixes I had used first time around in a notebook. This was to make sure the other 17 figures in the batallion matched up. But in fact it worked out perfectly as a reference point. Of course I had the other blog posts in this series to refer to but the notebook made sure.

So the leg was blended up as stated here and the redcoat as in this part here. The pictures are below and I think it matched up quite well. the boots aren’t done at this stage but that is fairly easy.

So onwards and upwards. By the next post I will have finished this test figure and done the base for pictures so look out for that one.

If you missed the other posts you can find the whole series here

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