First Painted Aventine Hastati Done At last

Painted Aventine Republican Roman wargames figures
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First showing of completed painted Republican Roman wargames figures using brush dip technique. Painted by Warpaint Figures. See the full gallery and description Continue reading

The Rise Of Rome – The Army Assembles

Republican Romans On Parade
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All the Aventine Romans are prepped and undercoated now. Just awaiting the time I can get them started. It’s going to be a couple hours a night at most so drop by to keep up to date. Here are the assembled figures Continue reading

Rise Of Rome Part II – Test Figure For Painting Romans

Up close and personal
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I am on a roll for prepping up my Republican Romans. I love high detail painting but this time I want them faster, so I can game with them quicker. Here is the first test figure for painting wargames figures by the splash on Army Painter type method Continue reading