Aventine Miniatures Review – Republican Romans

Got my Aventine Romans Through The Post!

This is my little Aventine Miniatures review for some Republican Roman figures I bought. I used to have 15mm Republican/Polybian Romans and have always had a soft spot for them.  To me they seem like ‘proper’ Romans. I did have some old Newline and Companian figures (We’re talking 3-4 years old!), but Newline no longer do them in 25/28mm and Companian have sold off their moulds.  So it was basically starting from scratch, my imagination and enthusiasm being fired by the recent purchase of Hail Caesar rules from Warlord Games Choosing My Republican Roman Figures If you’re collecting Republican Romans in 25/28mm then the ranges available to choose from out there is pretty thin on the ground.  From forum lurking and research along with a bit of Googling the choices boil down to this: Aventine Miniatures Crusader Miniatures Renegade Miniatures The Decision To Choose Aventine Miniatures So which ones to … Continue reading