Disaster! The Guards Have Been Hit! How To Ruin A 40mm AWI Figure

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Utterly gutted. I was coming close to finishing this test 40mm AWI figure then…… Aaaaghh I picked it up tonight. Black paint. Think black paint had dribbled down the leg pooling on the left boot and also on the left ebow.

Painting disaster on a 40mm AWI British Miniature

I have no idea how this happen. I had been happily painting last night. Yes I had used black but it was diluted down not like this. It looks as though someone had tried to pour painted on the figure and almost missed.

So what are my options. Well i have been asking around. But in reality it has to be removed and the areas re-undercoated and re blended. This is a complete ball ache and damn scarey. Never had to do this before. It’s a learning exercise and hopefully I can pull it off. Stick around to find out.








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