Finished 40mm Front Rank British AWI Test Figure

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Well a little delay in posting but I have now finished this test figure. So here it is the painted 40mm Front Rank AWI British Guardsman.

I am happy overall not having used a white undercoat for a long time.  But I still think there is a lot that can be improved on when I paint the other 17 figures for the battalion.  More contrast in the red coat for a start.  I want it even deeper and richer looking.

The face is another area.  I have been reading a lot at painting richer flesh tones.  Using things like washes and glazes including a green,yes you heard right, a green glaze.


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2 Responses to Finished 40mm Front Rank British AWI Test Figure

  1. Randy Collins says:

    I plan to paint up the very nice 40mm Front Rank British AWI infantry project also. Perhaps something along the line of one mini for each of the various regimental facing colors for display purposes. Your choice of blue for the guards seems rather light. I thought it was a much darker “Royal” blue color? Regardless, thanks for the inspiration!


    • Stewart says:

      Randy, yes it should be a Royal blue type . Think maybe bit washed out in the photograph. Colours are always subjective to. I am always arguing about purple with my wife. I am happy with this as Royal Blue from plates i have seen but it’s always eye of the beholder. Thats the beauty about the wargames hobby. Always pleased to inspire. Now got the 33rd Regiment finished as part of a commission. Can check out the galleries

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