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Painted 28mm Colonial Wargames Figures By Warpaint Figures




Welcome to the galleries section of Warpaint Figures where you will find all my painted wargames figures. I have been painting wargames figures for over 20 years now. It’s given me the chance to really enjoy a hobby I love. Unfortunately I didn’t start photographing them until recently, so you won’t be able to see where I have come from much (Those mad teenage years of painting Shaowfax all over silver).

But I can now display some of my more recent painted wargames figures and also collect together in one place all the pictures from the projects I will be doing here. So have a look around and please feel free to comment or even contact me if you have an questions. I will always answer any emails I receive.

I have arrange my painted wargames figures by the period or genre. So for instance you could be looking at ancients or Napoleonics, along with pulp, gothic, fantasy and Victorian. I hope you like them.

Love to hear your comments and if you like them, go ahead and share on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.  That would make me so proud.  Thanks for stopping by

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