WIP – Ironclad Pathan Cavalry

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Well thank you to John at Ironcad Miniatures I have somereally nice new Afghan Wars Pathan Cavalry to paint.  There are 3 sets.  2 pairs of normal mounted tribesmen and a command set as well.  Did have someinitial problems with these.  As weather was so bad I couldn’t spray undercoat outside or do zenithal.  So most done by hand plain black this time

So here I will post updates as they are done and I photograph.  comments always welcome.

Ironclad Miniatures Pathan Cavalry

wip - Warpaint Figures - Ironclad Miniatures pathan Cavalry

Figures preppedand undercoated with basic flesh coat

Starting on the clothing. Mianly pastels and browns

More highlights added to clothing

Warpaint Figures WIP Pathan cavalry

First base coats on horses

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